It Needs Changing of China Mould Industry in the Management

It Needs Changing of China Mould Industry in the Management Philosophy

Since these auto mold enterprises are essentially constituted by the state-owned and private and joint venturesstate-owned enterprises in the management modes are basically the original set ofplanned economyDue to the institutional relationship, it seriously hindered the innovation capability of enterprises and production enthusiasm and hindered the healthy development of enterprises.

Private enterprises are mostly family-run companyThe private mold enterprises have developed rapidly in recent years, and continue to become bigger and stronger, and are new forces to be reckoned withBut the family-run company management philosophy is weaklagging behind, andstill sticks in the workshop-styleextensive management mode, and ignores the managementAs a company, there should be long-term development objectivesas corporate CEOsshould putthe management of the enterprise in the first placeSenior executives, middle managersproject managertechnical director and the backbone of skilled workers rally around themselves aroundto strive to achieve this goalHowever, most of the company’s core staff is from all over the world,which has their own set of work experience and methods. If left to their own experiences and methods to carry out his management and technical workit would be in mess.

For these situationscompanies should develop a series of documents on managementprocedures, technical standards, equipment operation instructions and safety managementsystem and permissive management and direction of production, so that enterprises have a regulated and normal order of productionPersonnel in their respective positionsclear aroundthe development goals to take the initiative to do a good job.   


Similarly, CEOs should have faith in his staff and delegate power to them to Mobilizing the initiative thinking and motivation of the management, and promote long-term development ofenterprisesTherefore, the experts saidthe mold companies should form a more solid mold toform their own philosophy, which is the accumulation of long-term management experience and technical experience of the mold companies.


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